What Is Reputation Management & Why Do You Need It?

Starting from your service reviews to social media customer conversations – your business acquires the ability to have a reputation. This ability has a very tremendous impact on your brand’s customer loyalty as well as sales. The more the big concept works with a successful reputation. However, gaining online visibility is a plus point but managing it well is the next big thing. Whatever your customer’s feedback or review is available online – and has a huge impact on your brand’s reputation. Therefore, reputation management should be on the top of your to-do list without delay. Let us tell you how this can be achieved.

Online Availability Matters

If you think that your online presence won’t be of much use – here you’re wrong. About 90% of the business generated is through online customers. People don’t have time to sit and review posters or read newspapers nowadays. They want instant solutions to instant needs. And with smartphone and mobile data being the sole need – they try to find each and everything online. It can be as big as looking for a lawyer to hiring a nanny – your customer will only search online. And, if your brand isn’t focusing on being available online – you already lose 50% of your market share. Needless to say, the reviews, rating, and comments on your social media profiles, Google local listing and blogs will further get your customer to be interested in what you offer.  

Merge Your Brand’s Online Presence Completely

The general rule of thumb involved with reputation managing is to have a consolidated front end. This allows your brand the ability to be found easily by your customers. Word of mouth is the old school theory and isn’t counted much with online visibility. You’ll need to purchase domain names to gather a strong online presence. Furthermore, your blogs, social profiles, and website – all need to be depicting a similar image and name. In this way, even if your customer type in just the URL, they will be able to find your brand easily.

Brand Profile Story Is Important

Writing a compelling brand story or social profile’s “About Us” section shouldn’t be neglected. This is kind of a gateway for your customers to understand what you do and offer them. Tell them your brand-specific details, offers, general setup details, and contact information. If you offer online buying offers, free home delivery services or in-store purchase – all should be available in crystal-clear verbiage. A professional approach is mandatory if you are offering corporate level service. But that doesn’t mean that you can over-rule professionalism if you’re from a restaurant setup or apparel section. Try to be transparent, open to discussion and critics, as well as negative reviews. If you find any unhappy customer rating – try to resolve it immediately. Offer better service promise and try to get them to come over and visit your brand again.  

Organize And Optimize Your Online Visibility

There are several ways to get this job done. However, a lot of us forget that our customers may or may not be looking for our services the way we imagine. For example, you run a restaurant and offer takeaway and dine-in options. How do you think your customer will find you? They won’t be writing your brand name and search for you. Instead, when your customer is going to look online, they will be using the services you offer in a city or state-specific manner. For instance, they will type in “dine-in services near me” or something like “the best dine-in restaurant in  Pennant Hills” – whenever they’ll be looking for the service you offer. Therefore, try to be more service-focused when you are doing the reputation building for online customers.

Your Brand Is Your Duty

Running a business is not a cup of tea that you drink daily. It needs consistency, hard work, out-of-the-box approach, and prevalent marketing. Nobody knows about your business than yourself. Building a brand isn’t easy. We have live examples spread over history. Nokia was once a people-favourite brand – but it failed to meet the latest technology fever and lost all of its strong loyal following to Apple and Samsung. Why do you think this happened? Nokia was not able to meet the latest technology, sleek design and customization options within their cellphones. So when Apple and Samsung started offering GPRS, camera, Bluetooth – people ran to these brands immediately. And now, there is no game for Nokia – whereas, Apple and Samsung hold the major competition. Therefore, stay vigilant to competition and mould your brand according to your customer’s needs with the touch of technology.

Stay Alert And Proactive

Proactivearend alert approach is needed in every field of life. And the same goes for your brands PR coverage, response action, and negative rating handling. Not all of your customers will be happy with what you have to offer. They will find complaints and issues. And, this when you have to show up strong and focused. You don’t want to curb away your clients. And, that isn’t the best way to do things as well. Always respond to negative feedback with a positive attitude. Device some makeup to get angry customers attention. Try to give free gifts or hampers to make up for a bad experience and so on. There is a lot that can be done to win back your loyal and dishearted customer.

Focus On Your Response Management

With online availability comes the huge task of staying on top of the response gateway. Your customer can contact you through direct message, phone call or email. Ensure that you do get an alert of every such action. Dion;t be late to respond for a query that can land you instant business. Try to set up Google Alerts to keep a tab on your brand name and what your customers are saying. Give refreshers to your staff, and get them to be attentive whenever a customer contacts. Damage can’t be overlooked if you aren’t paying attention to what is going on in your store or on your online profiles.

Can You Do Reputation Management On Your Own?

In a  lot of cases – yes you can do it on your own. But if you seek professional assistance – then a reputation management company can help you safeguard the remaining aspects of your brand’s reputation.  This is a very demanding choice and responsibility. You don’t want to lose what you have to what you can not. Therefore, be extra careful and proactive with what you can do. Your brand’s reputation is what gets you more business and loyal customer following. Try to keep your promise of transparency and availability always green. Losing trust is easy, but building it back from scratch is not. Help your brand to adapt to new interfaces, changes and be tech-savvy. This allows you to seek new opportunities and not lose the existing. You can consider hiring a reputation expert to drive your social media and website strategies, and meanwhile, you can focus on growing your business.

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